The tales of the Sven Kingdoms will continue! The next instalment is called The Unexpected Consequence where ... well, we don't want to give it away do we? Suffice to say that some pretty unexpected things happen as a consequence of what happens in The Unfortunate Kingdom. After that comes The Unfinished Business

There are a couple of other things I've been working on in the little spare time I have:

The Mountain God

This has been bubbling away for years. It's the tale of an artist in an eastern land who travels to sell pictures to a monastery and see his sons in the distant town. His journey is dominated by the spirit of his dead wife. He is watched over by his faithful donkey and the abbot of the monastery who may know the truth of the god of the mountain that dominates the landscape.

There are no helicopter gunships in this story! If it was on TV it would probably be in black and white, with subtitles. If I can be quiet long enough, I'll finish this one - I've no idea how it ends at the moment. I need many more hours staring out of the train window ...

How To Make It Big As A Small Time Musician

I've always played in bands. It's a strange sub-world that exists just out of site of the real one, being in a band. I've written some short chapters about some of the more bizarre tales of woe that have befallen my musical colleagues and I over the years. Not sure how to release this - book? blog? more news to follow ...