How to make it big as a small time musician

NOTE: names have been preserved to protect the guilty (including band names)

Principal bands what I have been in:

1986-87 Niel Washing Machine and the Babykillers (Rhythm & Puke)

1987-89 Nervous Breakdown (Grunge)

1991-98 Five Fat Sheep (Lager-Funk)

1996-2003 Easy Cheese (Funky Jazz, Ska)

1999-2005 Chilli Jam (Funky jazz)

2003-06 Five Fat Sheep (Lager-Funk)

2005-11 Mr. Lovebucket (Funk, Afrobeat, Ska)

2010-2018 Chilli Jam (Funky Jazz)

2011-14 Steakhouse (Blues)

2012-13 So What Promotions (Events – Jazz, Blues, World)

2013-17 Curb Pilots (Ska, Reggae)

2017-present Blue Onions (Blues)

2017-present Kevin & Angus (Blues)