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A long time ago in a land far, far away, I was born. It was in Zambia actually. Now, bear with me, it really is gripping! … Having been born I grew up a bit (not much) and then moved to London and went to school and then to university in Canterbury. Still awake? Good. Then I worked at Waterstones Booksellers in Canterbury before being an English teacher (briefly – a mucky business only for the very brave of heart and stout of mind).

Now for the really thrilling bit: For many years now I’ve been a stuntman and a bank robber! No? Okay, I admit it. A computer programmer. But this is a Good Thing, because long train journeys to work are really boring and this is where the magic happens: staring out through rain-drop infested windows at Kentish housing estates, and then fields of sheep and rows of apple orchards and hundreds of elderflower trees lined up along the train track, flowering in early summer as if they are paying homage to the great dragon-snake gods that run along the iron paths carved across the countryside.

In those moments I began dreaming, going back to an idea I’d had when my children were young but I had no time to let my imagination run riot: A giant of a chef and his battle with a ghost.  A thousand questions about this popped into my head as I stared out of the window every morning and evening and watched the world whizz (or often trundle) past. Eventually I had worked long and hard enough to afford a little old secondhand blue laptop and I began to write …