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Five Fat Pigs - the prequel novella to the Sven Kingdoms series. 

Five pigs and five people. A tale of rags, riches, freedom and firewater.

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The Sven Kingdoms series is out!

Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 are out now on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble and many more sites.

You won't find magic or dragons in the Sven Kingdoms, just great characters, adventure, laughs and worlds colliding  - kitchen assistants and their masters, the living with the (supposedly) dead, and royalty bending the rules in a bid to cling to power (don't they always!). And a small red pig.

The Sven Kingdoms series:

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The Sven Kingdoms ... a trilogy in four parts

The Unfortunate Kingdom - out now FREE kindle, £6.99 paperback

The Unexpected Consequence - out now £1.99 / $2.99 kindle, £6.99 paperback

The Unfinished Business Part One - out now £2.99 / $3.50 kindle, £6.99 paperback

The Unfinished Business Part Two - out now £2.99 / $3.50 kindle, £6.99 paperback out soon

An epic dark comedy adventure in an eccentric medieval world.

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The Unfortunate Kingdom


How do you kill a foe that's already dead?


In which Yoozurp grabs the throne of Hewslez and a humungous chef by the name of Ogbar takes charge of the palace kitchen but their past catches up with them in the form of a poltergeist set to bring them all down.

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The Unexpected Consequence


It’s the little things that can determine the destiny of kingdoms – a mop, a small red pig, a tiny, ancient woman who lives in a stable ...


In which Ogbar's attempt to get home sets off an improbable chain of events that engulfs not only the lives of the kitchen staff but threatens the entire kingdom.

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The Unfinished Business Part One


In which the new powers of The Sven Kingdoms have difficult choices to make and discover the destinies they must fulfil as the old powers rise up and threaten to overwhelm them.

The Unfinished Business Part Two


In which a princess, a cleaner and an apple-picker form an unlikely friendship and determine the fate of nations and must reconcile family, love and duty. 

And in all this it's a nameless flaming chicken that proves to be pivotal.

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