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Five Fat Pigs - the prequel novella to the Sven Kingdoms series. 

Five pigs and five people. A tale of rags, riches, freedom and firewater.

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                                          The Sven Kingdoms tales begin with:

The Unfortunate Kingdom


How do you kill a foe that’s already dead?

The huge genius of a chef Ogbar (species unknown) finds himself facing this problem just as he is called upon to produce a feast that will save the kingdom of Hewslez from ruin.

All anyone wanted was a decent, reliable king. Unfortunately the selfish, scheming and accident-prone Yoozurp rises to the top, obliterating all hope of reconciliation with his eccentric and powerful neighbours that surround the kingdom.

Perhaps the kitchen holds the key. Maybe Ogbar and his band of orphaned misfits can conjure up a feast to save the day. However, the chef’s past comes back to haunt him (literally) at just the wrong time. As they struggle to save the kingdom the kitchen staff learn more about each other than they bargained for in this madcap tale of life, love, the after-life and the perfect way to cook a platypus.

The first Sven Kingdoms book is a dark comedy set in a medieval fantasy world for fans of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast, KJ Parker, Jasper Fforde and anyone who’s ever wondered how to catch a poltergeist.

The Sven Kingdoms ... a trilogy in four parts

The Unfortunate Kingdom - out now £0.00

The Unexpected Consequence - out soon

The Unfinished Business Part One - out later

The Unfinished Business Part Two - out a bit later than the previous one

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